Bathroom Ceiling Mold in Woonsocket & Cranston

Unless you’re redecorating your Cranston or Woonsocket bathroom with a “science project” theme, mold growing on your ceiling is probably not the look you were hoping for.

Mold can also cause serious structural damage to your home if left unattended along with respiratory problems, including severe allergies and asthma.  So if you see it – mold, that is – attack it, because it’s only going to get worse.

Step 1: Treat the mold with bleach-diluted with water and a gentle detergent.

Put the solution in a spray bottle or use a sponge to lightly dab it onto the moldy spots. Either way, wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself from the noxious vapors.  Also, don’t apply too much of the mixture to the ceiling; over-applying can saturate the ceiling and make it difficult to dry.

Step 2: Look for the source of the mold.

Mold grows from excessive moisture and warmth, so you’ll need to investigate to determine the source of the problem. Is the mold localized above the shower only? It could be that your ventilation fan in the bathroom is incorrectly connected and is not properly venting the excess steam from the shower. If there is no ventilation fan installed, then you’ll need to install one, but that won’t get rid of the mold you already have.

The problem could also have started above the ceiling in your attic or perhaps another bathroom directly overhead.  Another bathroom could have leaking pipes in the floor, or perhaps the tub needs to be re-caulked.

If you have a leak in your attic, over time mold will begin to grow, especially in the summer when most attics are too hot for comfort.

Step 3: Prime the ceiling before painting.

Use an anti-microbial primer before repainting the ceiling. Otherwise, the mold stains can seep through your fresh paint.

Step 4: Repaint using specially-formulated bathroom paint.

Use a paint that is specifically designed for high moisture areas like your bathroom.  It will help to keep mold from returning.

With our often hot and sticky summers here in Rhode Island, thousands of home owners experience mold-related problems.  We know, because we get tons of calls for assistance.  Today, like always, we’re ready to assist you in helping to make mold a thing of the past in your home and to help correct any problems it might already have caused.  So contact Almeida Plumbing, Heating & Air today for fast and decisive action.

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